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What’s in a name?

Welcome to Deep Fried Bits!

The strange thing about blogging is you have to have a blog name registered before you even write your first post.images (4)

Picking a name is so final– It’s like naming a baby… What if I named my daughter Mary and she turned out to be more like a.. I don’t know… a Brittany, or a Tiffany? (no offense to any lovely Britts and Tiffs out there).

What If I don’t know what my blog will be about or turn into? I could start in one direction and decide I need to make a wide right turn and take a different course– or I could have a super successful post that leads me in a way you and I had never expected!

So, I asked my ‘parent’ blogger, Jonco, over at Bits and Pieces to have his loyal readers help out with naming my new blog. We got lots of suggestions, and I came up with the combo: Deep Fried Bits. (I don’t know why I liked it – could be the ‘deep fried’ part that stuck with me – and kinda gave me heartburn.. or the bits. idk)

I intend to do similar content as my dad’s blog – check his out HERE – with some anecdotal writing, humor, trivia and light editorials.

I hope you enjoy whatever comes after this! It could be really fun – or it might be complete sh*t! Ya never know 😉

Thanks for visiting and come back soon,






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