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All the little girls on girl scout night




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Leak Proof Bag Experiment

This is too cool no to share!


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Creative, Unusual, Fun and Cheap Date Ideas

Fun for all ages!

It’s knot funny!

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It’s Almost Cookie Time!

download (7)This is a special time of year, when (let’s be honest) we put those New Year’s resolutions to rest for once and all, and break open the Girl Scout cookies. This year the Little Brownie Bakers are back producing my fav’s like: Samoas, Thin Mints and Do-Si-Dos. The price went up to $4 per box. (Take a number to register your complaint.)

I’m no longer a GS leader, but I will never forget the madness of cookie time. As the leader AND cookie coordinator for our small troop – I did everything involving the cookies, from driving to pick up the order forms from girls whose parents couldn’t bother bringing said girl to the meetings, to loading down my vehicle with boxes straight out of an 18-wheeler (They actually have a chart for how many cases of cookies will fit in the kind of vehicle you have), to visiting the ‘Cookie Cupboard’ in a nearby neighborhood. The Cookie Cupboard was the home of a very generous GS leader who let her entire basement be filled with cases and cases of cookies for individual box purchase to the troop leader in order to complete an odd number order.

I enjoyed being a GS leader – I don’t actively miss it – but I do look back on those times fondly. If you are a current or past leader, Thank You. You’ll never get enough appreciation, IMHO. 

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If you are in the midwest US and are looking for cookies in the following few weeks: Click HERE to find the closest cookie booth!


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