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Who comes first for you?


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Oh no, Vertigo

I’ve been dealing with vertigo and dizziness for about 2 weeks now. I’m much better than day 1, but I’m still a bit uneasy, especially walking. I’m best sitting upright or laying down. It started when i blew my nose and felt my eardrum squeak really loud (pop, I guess). I did the Epley maneuver on night 1 and was instructed to sit upright for 24 hours afterwards – and after that, the severe spinning has stopped, but I’m still not 100%. I missed 3 days of work… which is only fun if you can enjoy those days – which I did NOT.  So, to anyone else out there dealing with vertigo – I feel your pain. Best wishes!

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Yeah, my weekends are wild



Jonco’s Hulk Hands

Gave my dad,  Jonco from bitsandpieces, a birthday gift I knew he wouldn’t buy for himself! Check out his blog (deepfriedbits’ inspiration) for more funny stuff 🙂




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The hummingbirds are back

Trying to get a picture of the hummingbirds on the feeders to send to hubs 🙂



Reasons women take long showers


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Personal pizza


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This.. so much this.. reddit


Introducing; Earl!

Earl is an imaginary customer at my day job. We created him when one of my co-workers asked for the wrong name when he was calling a customer back. It’s a long story and probably not as funny to anyone but us… We found THIS pic and Earl was born!20150413_100212

Earl’s pic will pop up here and there unexpectedly – in a file, as a computer background, and makes special appearances on birthdays. On a recent weekend that our IT was coming around to each workstation, an old picture of Earl re-surfaced…. Enjoy!


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