Rotating Smorgasboard

Does anyone else remember a restaurant that had a rotating buffet? I vaguely recall – going on a school trip back in the late 1980’s to a place that had a rotating buffet – the food went around and then back into the kitchen for the cooks to refill the bins… so, for example, if you wanted mashed potatoes you had to wait for them to come around again….. I’m pretty sure the one I went to was called Duff’s. Am I crazy, or does anyone else remember this?


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I'm a mom, that has worn many different hats in this life; from scout leader, camp craft teacher, parents group president, colorguard coach, member of the community band, stay-at-home-mom to full time worker, I've done it all-- almost! I still love learning new things, especially creating and cooking. Most of all I love to laugh! Thanks for visiting - come back soon :)

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  1. How funny! A bit before my time, but it does remind me of conveyor belt sushi or dim sum, where you grab whichever plate passing by that looks good 🙂

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  2. I absolutely remember this growing up. I lived in Louisiana at the time at it was a Duff’s restaurant. One small reason I was a fat kid!

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  3. Harold Phillips

    the restaurant was called “Duffs”. Homer and Stacey Duff had a large chain of them. they went through a divorcee and she got have of the stores. She called her`s “Stacey`s” and his became “Hometown Buffet”.

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  4. Yes. There was a place called duff’s. Had this type of buffet table. Wish it was still around. Remember it as a child. Thought it was so cool to stand there and the food cane to you !!!

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  5. Yes!! Was just listening to old Billy Ocean songs on You Tube!! Ha ha….Brought me back to when I was a kid in the 80’s. The thought of that spinning buffet table came to mind and yes….Duff’s it is!

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  6. Yep …it was in Fort Lauderdale Florida…it was called Duff’s…I was there in 1988.

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  7. Oh good I thought I was going crazy because no one remembers a buffet like this either. I always thought it was called Dove’s but Duff’s would make sense. My memory is bad but I do remember going to a rotating buffet when I was a tiny kid.


  8. James Edwards

    Wow I someone asked on Facebook if anyone remember duffs and I lived by one in Monroeville pa and they had the rotating buffet I was trying to find pictures and you got one.the best part was people at the edge where food went back and the didn’t get the spoon back in food before it went behind the wall.


  9. yes. it was duff’s, i thought it was so fun as a kid. they don’t have the rotating buffets anymore though. 😦


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