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Jonco’s Hulk Hands

Gave my dad,  Jonco from bitsandpieces, a birthday gift I knew he wouldn’t buy for himself! Check out his blog (deepfriedbits’ inspiration) for more funny stuff 🙂




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The hummingbirds are back

Trying to get a picture of the hummingbirds on the feeders to send to hubs 🙂



Reasons women take long showers


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Personal pizza


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Introducing; Earl!

Earl is an imaginary customer at my day job. We created him when one of my co-workers asked for the wrong name when he was calling a customer back. It’s a long story and probably not as funny to anyone but us… We found THIS pic and Earl was born!20150413_100212

Earl’s pic will pop up here and there unexpectedly – in a file, as a computer background, and makes special appearances on birthdays. On a recent weekend that our IT was coming around to each workstation, an old picture of Earl re-surfaced…. Enjoy!


Discipline is..

This hits home to me right now… I find myself snacking when I shouldn’t be… I’m gonna make this my home screen on my phone for a while – til I get it in my head.

What do YOU want MOST?

discipline2_smallThanks bitsofwisdom


Personal: Driving Thru Ferguson

You may have noticed a lack of Ferguson related commentary here at Personally, I avoid confrontation like the plague – but I wanted to share a little bit with you all. I grew up in a neighborhood very near Ferguson.

During college, I worked as a weekend leasing agent at the apartment complex that my future husband lived in; the very same that Michael Brown did 25 years later.  I traveled the roads you saw on TV –  every day, back in the day.

At the time I lived there, the apartment complex seemed to me to have about a 50/50 race ratio. We moved from the area in 1995.

My little family of four drove through our old neighborhood last weekend to reminisce.

It was mid-morning and misty out, and we didn’t see any protesters of any kind and only saw a few burned buildings, like the QT that was one of the first to go.


We saw the memorial of stuffed animals, wilted flowers and rained on signs in the middle of the road, where Brown laid. (I didn’t feel it was appropriate to take photos there.)

I’m not going to give my opinion on the Brown/Wilson issue – I think at this point, my opinion doesn’t make a bit of difference. Nobody wins.

I will say that I appreciate peaceful protest, and that the only way things will change for a community that wants change IS peaceful protest.

I feel bad for my old friends and school mates that still live in or near Ferguson. I have a friend on facebook that wonders why she has helicopters flying above her street in the middle of the night – she can’t get a good night’s sleep. (This was just last week.)  Their house values have certainly dropped, and they have fewer places to shop, eat and meet.

What surprised me during our drive, was that in most cases, the boards hung up on the businesses were painted with positive pictures and messages. We saw a painting in progress, this lady below was painting a very intricate religious figure in a doorway.


Click HERE for more Ferguson painting pics

I hope that the violence will settle, and the good people of Ferguson will be able to move up and on with their lives, and have a feeling of security and positivity about the future.

That’s all for now,


Old School Selfie… Again!!

This is my dad, Jonco, from over at… Recently this pic from a few years ago made it back to reddit’s front page again!  Cool!!Screenshot_2014-10-22-16-47-55Side note: you can see my mom’s black phone on the right hand side taking the picture 🙂


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