The wonder of water

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  1. I vote G, barely.


    • assuming the flow rate remains as depicted (a slow steady drip) the water will be spilling out of the top of Tank F before the first drop ever enters Tank K. The outlet of the pipe leading from J into I is higher than any point on the pipe from J to L thus no water could get from Tank J to Tank I until the water in Tank J rises at least as high as the top of the outlet into Tank I and that would not happen since the top of tank F is lower and the water will overflow that point – If the flow rate increased to the point that water is entering the system faster than the various drain pipes can carry then it’s going to be a lot more complicated to figure out 🙂


  2. G. It is the most direct route unless the top left of D is blocked off, as it may be or just be an error in the graphic. If so, then F, as H looks blocked off as well.


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